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Publication numberUS2217848 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date15 Oct 1940
Filing date1 Apr 1939
Priority date28 Apr 1938
Also published asDE704150C
Publication numberUS 2217848 A, US 2217848A, US-A-2217848, US2217848 A, US2217848A
InventorsSchillstrom Adolf Victor
Original AssigneeSchillstrom Adolf Victor
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Cartridge case for firearms
US 2217848 A
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4 .l5 and the cartridges.

Patented oci. 15, 1940r OFFICE i Adolf victor ,sehiustrnt Eskiistuns, sweden.

Application April 1,Y 1939, Serial No. 265,424

In Sweden April 28, 193i! 3 Claims.

'lhis invention relates to cartridge cases for`V y towards the mouth or discharge opening of the firearms and ymore particularly to acartridge case which is provided with spring pressed d feeder blocks one on each sideof a dividing Wall, which 5 'blocks feed the rcartridges in double rows towards a constricted mouth'vof the case through which they are delivered one at a time. In a cartridge case embodying the invention,

each cartridge feeder block is of a form to support two cartridges upon different levels and to move upwardly in the magazine in which it has'v movement; The walls of the case and the dividing wall, forming two parallel magazines, guide 'the feeder blocksdn this movement of the blocks 'I'he side walls ofthe case 1 converge towards each other from a. point below the top of the dividing wall and are spaced apart to form an open mouth for the delivery of the cartridge -to the firearm. Each converging por- .tion has a pocket formed therein for the reception of a part of the feeder block, said pockets .being closed at the top to limit feeding movement of the block and being of different lengths to permit greater movement of one of the blocks as compared with the other. This permits the successiveV delivery of the last few cartridges from bothmagazines in a single line of cartridges.

'The cartridge feeder'whi'ch isfirst stopped in its feeding movement, is provided -With a forked top,

onearm of which is shorter than the other, so that Alwhen this cartridge feeder block is in its uppermost position the longer arm forms a continuation of the dividing wallv forming the two magazines. The cartridge nearest the mouth of 35.` the cartridge case is kept in place by means of inwardly bent lips at'one side of the discharge opening or mouth of the case, and is fed in the usual manner into the charge chamber of the firearm.

The upper part of the case is so formed that the four rows of cartridges in the two magazines suc-- cessively merge into one row atthe mouth.

Referring'to the drawing, Figs. 1 and 2 show vertical sections of a cartridge case made in ac- 45 cordance with the invention and Fig. 3 is a sec- -qssprlng I 0 acts to move the block and the two staggered rows Aof cartridges supported thereby case. Each feeder block is provided with a forked y top having a long arm il or I 2 positioned adjacent the dividing wall 2, and a short arm 5 or 6 adz 5- jacent a side wall of the case. The end walls of the case, as shown in Fig. 3, are `parallelthrough out, but the side walls converge adjacent the upf per part'of the case, and areV spaced apart'to forms.,

a mouth or discharge opening.v The dividing wall i0 i 2 terminates belowfthe'top of the case and the mouth or discharge'opening, but extends yabover the point ofv initial convergence of the side Walls. Below the converging side walls of the case, two i rows of cartridges are supported bythefeeder vlil block in each magazine, the cartridges in one row being staggered in relation to those in the other row. Between this point and the top of the Wall] 2, only one row of cartridges is'in each magazine,

while above the top of lsaid wall there is but Va single row of cartridges. v Y f Each converging side wall has a pocket 8v or 9 formed outwardly thereof, of la capacity to receive one fork 5 or 6 of the feeder block, but Inot wide enough to permit a cartridge to enter same, thus compelling each cartridge to follow the wall (see Fig. 1). One of these pockets, as 9, is shorter l than and terminates below the otherpocket, as 8f' The pocket 8 extends to closely adjacent mouth or discharge opening of the case.

By the foregoing construction, one of the feeder blocks has its upward movement arrested when the last cartridgein-the magazine has passed the top of the wall 2, while the feeder blockin the. other magazine is permitted toV pass above the said wall untilall of the cartridges in both magazines have been drawn to a position where the t last one may be fed into the barrel of the firearm. or with the long arm of the forked end projecting through the mouth or discharge opening. The long arm of one of the feeder blocks, as 3, ris bevelled, so that with tilting movement ofk this block as a result of the engagement of the short arm 5 with the closed end of the pocketV 1, the'long arm will form a continuation of the wa1l2 and offer no obstruction to movement of cartridges by the other feeder block 4. Both pockets yI and 8 have closed tops, and the upper portions thereof are so inclined as to be substantially parallel with the converging side wallsl of the case. 50

In operation, the action of the device is substanially as follows:

The two parallel magazines formed by the side walls of the case and the partition or ,dividingY wall 2 are each filled with cartridges, those in one 55 Both springs I are under compression. As a cartridge is removed by the mechanism in the breech of the gun barrel, one of the feeder blocks will first be raised by its spring and thus advance both rows of cartridges resting thereon toward the mouth or outlet. With the movement of the next cartridge, the otherfeeder block will be similarly actuated. As the outer cartridge in either magazine engages the converging side wall above.

that magazine, the cartridge of the adjacent row will be forced upwardlyl in advance of that cartridge, as shown in Fig. 1, so as to' form a single row of cartridges within the constricted'portion adjacent the mouth or dischargeopening above each magazine. As the `space between the converging walls narrows, the same action will occur above the wall 2 so as to form a single row of cartridges substantially centrally of the case below the mouth or dischargeopening.

With the progressive removal of cartridges from the case, the feeder blocks reachthe converging ,-upward movement of both blocks.

.side w'allsfthe short arm 5 of the Yblock 3 entering the pocket 1 and the short arm 6 of the block 4 entering the poclget 8, thus permitting continued arm 5 of the block 3 approaches the closed top of the pocket 1, this block will be tilted, as shown in Fig, 2,`bringing the inner end of the long arm As the short thereof so that the portion 9 will come intoalinement with the medial line of the wall 2. The top of this wall is reduced to a knife edge, as shown, to permit this movement.

When the arm 5 engages the top of the pocket 1, the last cartridge in that magazine will have passed the top of the wall 2, and since at/s stantially the same time the long arm/,of the feeder block 4 will have reached th op of the wall, there will be but a single ro of cartridges' still in staggered relation to e other (see Fig. 2). The length of the pocket 8 permits the cartridges of this single row to be fed through the mouth by continued movement of the feeder block.

4 by reason of the elongation of thepocket 8'.

Having described the invention, what I claim as new and desire to have protected byLetters Patent, is:

1. A cartridge case for firearms embodying therein a case proper having converging side Walls adapted to receive two rows of cartridges, a. feeder ,f 's'\wai1,v

toward the top thereof and' a discharge opening whereby upwar block in each magazine, a spring acting on each feeder block, means upon'each block whereby the two rows of cartridges will be maintained in staggered relation to eac-h other, co-operating means carried by one of said converging side walls and by the block in the adjacent magazine for limiting movement of the block when it is adjacent the top of said dividing wall, and co-operating means carried by the other converging side wall and by the block in the adjacent magazine for permitting said block to pass the dividing wall and said rst named block.

2. A cartridge case for firearms embodying therein a case proper having converging side walls toward the top thereof and a discharge opennig at the top of said walls, a wall below said converging side walls forming two magazines, each adapted to receive two vrows of cartridges, a feeder block having a forked top, one of the arms of which is longer than the other, in each magazine, a spring acting orr-=`each feeder block, means upon each block whereb`y-'the two rows of cartridges A therein a fa/'synopcr 'toward the op thereof and a discharge opening at the'tp of said` walls, a wall bleiow said converging side walls forming two magazines, each f' adapted to receive two rows of cartridges, a feeder block having a forked top, one of the arms of which is longer than the other, iny each magazine, a spring acting on each feeder block, means upon each blockwhereby the two rows of cartridges .will be maintained in' staggeredvrelation to each other, andan outwardly formed pocket in eachconverging side wall, one of said pockets terminating adjacent the top of said wall and the other terminating adjacent the dischargev opening of the icase,f,said pockets respectively being adapted toreceve the shorter arm of each feeder block, ovement of one of said/blocks is limited wh the long arm thereof is adjacent d the other block is permited to have `past said first named block, the long said rst named block being'bevelled to it said other block to pass.


v'for firearms embodying-

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U.S. Classification42/50
International ClassificationF41A9/00, F41A9/69
Cooperative ClassificationF41A9/69
European ClassificationF41A9/69